📢 🗣️Calling all educators! 📢 🗣️ Amazon Prime Days are July 11 and 12, 2023 this year. Let’s game plan in order to maximize your savings this summer.

The Setting for Prime Days 2023

The back-to-school season is retail’s second-largest spending event of the year (National Retail Federation, 2022). For many teachers that means purchasing for their own family and their classroom. According to EdWeek’s Lieberman (2023), over a quarter of districts have spent all of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) money, and 80% have spent three-quarters of the money. Districts typically budget 6-18 months out, so much of what teachers have received just by asking may be diminishing rapidly this coming school year. Economic stress may make finding the best deals essential for classroom teachers this summer. It is the right time to start shopping for deals too, “fifty-six percent of back-to-class shoppers … started browsing and buying as of early July, up from last year’s 51 percent and considerably higher than 44 percent in 2019” (Grgich, 2022, para 1).

National Retail Federation (Back to school, n.d.)


National Retail Federation (Back to school, n.d.)

The Idea Lists

Follow these growing lists this week and keep these in your Amazon Cart as we ramp up to Prime Days 2023:

✅  WRITE Now List ~ Classroom Writing Utensils & Accessories

✅. Teacher’s Desk List ~ What Should be on your Desk?

✅. BOOK Lists 📚 – for your Professional Learning

✅. BOOK Lists 📚 – Science Tradebooks/Read Alouds – Coming Soon

✅. BOOK Lists 📚 – Mathematics Tradebooks/Read Alouds – Coming Soon

Discover Prime Days 2023 Deals

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