I have been out of the classroom since 2009. That is a while. A friend recently pointed out to me exactly how long that is.
That same friend insinuated that other things have changed, but I am not too sure they have.

This made me wonder, have I idealized some aspects of the classroom? And if so, am I like a newly graduated education major or am I idealizing in retrospect?

Out of the Classroom for a While INSTA

I have the added benefit of teaching in four different districts, three states. While that did not feel like an advantage when I was packing/unpacking boxes, it does now. I can say that some things about students, teachers, and education are eerily similar and somethings are distinct choices made at the district/school-level.


I am sure I permanently idealize students. I did so at the start of every school year. I intentionally did not read through cumulative folders in advance of meeting them. Now I just don’t have that second month of school to jade me to personalities and choices of “my” students. But I like that state of waiting for the best from every student.


I also have my newer perspective of a district view where I can compare current techniques between schools in realtime, not over time as when I moved in the past. And in the position I have learned about best practices in blended learning, technology integration, and online content building.

So while I have been out of the classroom a while now, I evolved some of my ideas and hold fast to others.
I have been out of the classroom for a while, but it hasn’t been out of my thoughts.

I still believe student-centered is the only way to provide meaningful instruction.
I still believe every student can learn, I cannot force them, yet every student deserves to be invited to learn.
I wouldn’t be a teacher at heart if I didn’t believe I could get in any classroom and develop relationships with those kids that converts to learning.
I have been out of the classroom for a while, but it hasn’t been out of my thoughts.