Ready to get real?

There are some facts about (some) educators on Twitter which we might need to discuss.

  1. You say you don’t, but you kind of care how many followers you have
  2. OMGosh do some of you get hacked … repeatedly.
  3. Sometimes, you share random, strange things

However, I will not unfollow you.

Some of you I have met with in-person about the power of Twitter. I will follow you based on what I know about you in real life, that you rock, you just aren’t sharing that on Twitter yet. Some of you my close colleagues have encouraged and I follow you out of support to them. Some of you are leaders in other areas and I follow you to bolster your confidence until the insights you share will invite even more followers.

And although you may not yet be exhibiting best practices I will stick with you as a follower. Not for the SPAM I am clearly due about the latest weight loss drug or the erroneous tweets which appear to be a reply to some other tweeter, but for the fact that I believe in you. Mind you, I don’t believe in all your truncated rants against your sports team/political figures/veiled or passive-aggressive references to friends/family/frenemies. But – you, I believe in that.

However, I believe as an educator that when you make the final connection to the endless source of (for real) personalized professional growth Twitter can provide you I will have a front row seat to the exponential professional growth which all teachers would willingly wait lifetimes to witness.

So when I take a stroll through those I follow and find you on my list nestled between great educators like Alphie Kohn and Tom Whitby I continue to forgive you for not being there yet, but do NOT unfollow you because I live for the day when I witness you blossom into the best Twitter version of you I know you can be.

You might still be a mess on Twitter, but you are MY mess for now. I will not unfollow you.Twitter Vomit