My blog is not my primary online destination lately.Why so busy? Well, I am a teacher, and teachers love to learn.
I am back in school for my last degree, my Ed.D. in Instructional Technology.

I want to tell my fellow graduate school educators about some things I have discovered/rediscovered and must share.
Check these out, knowing some are affiliate links, and that I would love your critique and feedback on those which you are using!

Back in School

Purchases which are Worth It:

I am not an English/Language Arts teacher. So I needed something to help me with writing. I benefitted from the free version of Grammarly already, so when they offered a special this spring, I jumped at the paid version of Grammarly.

When I found out my next graduate program required APA formatting I knew I needed some extra help. I remembered that many media specialists I knew were fans of EasyBib. It is working out even better than just helping me create APA formatted references; the projects help me organize my references by course/topic.

When I found myself wondering what a particular format looked which that my professor kept referring to, I took to the Internet for answers.  I kept coming across references to CourseHero, and when I took a look, I opened an account right away.  CourseHero is a crowdsourced site where you share by an institutions course study guides, aids, or notes, project, formats, etc. I think I paid for my first item, but you can earn looking at documents by uploading your documents; I am looking forward to contributing back to the materials available here.

I’ve Learned my way around Canvas LMS – as a Student

I am a Canvas Admin at my day job. So I am pumped to get the student perspective in this degree!
First thing I noted in the school How To videos is they had not turned off the color overlay yet, I did that first thing. When I re-watched my video I realized I had not turned off the “standard” courses yet by starring my current courses. Time for all of us to visit the Canvas Guides on these topics!

My go-to Freemium Accounts:

Canva is beautiful. And it can easily make your ideas attractive too.

Jar of Jargon

MotionDen was something I found in a pinch. It served the purpose, but now I am looking to move toward a purchased product, at something more like – VideoMakerFX.

…And You?

If you are in school, you should share your favorite products.
Please post your best bets in the comments below or review those I have recommended!


Why so judgy?
Seriously, thanks for the help.

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