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MOOC Series #eTeacherTOOL

Formative assessment must be two things – efficient and meaningful.

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MasteryConnect can identify and  evaluate student mastery in an objective and efficient manner. Any PDF or MS Word document can be uploaded (free if you can limit it to 10 questions) and when you link questions to standards a quick “ticket out the door” scan at a computer by the students will give you quick, accurate data on where your students are based on that formative assessment.


Meaningful Formative assessments? Things like phases of the Moon or a lunar eclipse should not be limited to written or even two dimensional models. Students should be able to act out movements of the involved heavenly bodies. Students should also have access to high quality augmented reality models whenever possible.




Consider teaching rotation versus revolution, phases of the moon, order of the planets, eclipses with these Augmented Reality modules from ARDL:

Teacher can measure if the instruction was sufficient for a student to move on to the next topic, students can demonstrate mastery and feel confident they will not have to demonstrate it over and over again until the teacher is ready to move on.