Teacher End of School Check List:

✔ Give away some of your classroom library books to good homes.

✔ Have students help you move furniture, pretend like students never move furniture for you.

✔ Help students break the cycle of cleaning out a locker by filling up a backpack and vise versa – it all has to go home!

✔ Verify student software access over summer. Review how kids can access school softwares over the summer – especially any ebooks! Verify student software access over summer again.

✔ Send Thank You notes to those who helped make this a good school year!

✔ Give away the contents of your snack drawer; even/especially if all that stuff would keep over the summer.

✔ Create a Freebies box in a fit of organization, email the school to come get it, secretly retract something from it.

✔ Send select kids to raid the Lost and Found with a pass from you.

✔ Graciously help your friend down the hall post her grades, she still needs help.

✔ Praise your students while they still hang on your every word.

✔ Update your phone operating system & load your Kindle on the school’s WiFi before leaving school:

Anything to add before school is out?

EOY Teacher Checklist