My husband bought me an Up-24 band by Jawbone this past Christmas. Five years ago that might have sparked an argument, but now a days I thought it was perfect. I have only had one day since Christmas where I met both my sleep and exercise goals. Not impressive? Well, what is impressive is I’ve never been so mindful of meeting both if those goals before. I go to bed early when I can and am mindful to try and walk more places.

Yesterday when I was driving back to my office from a school some distance away I was mindful of the distance I was covering with such little exertion. Which made me sense the relationship between the differing parts of my job.

Somethings are just movement, busy work, false progress. They still result in exertion, the feeling of work done. Yet they are not producing any useful or positive change.  They take time and effort away from other efforts which might produce results.  They are doubly troublesome in that not only do they not produce results, but such false progress steal resources from tasks which might produce change.

Another part of my job is the actual moving of mind sets, explorations/realizations of the ‘why’ behind and can result in a fresh out look, knowledge of doing our job well.  These tasks are worthy of 100% from all workers as they are doubly efficient and important as the false progress initiatives.

Why then would anyone spend time on the former? Good Question. What do you think?

Is it political in nature?
Are we checking things off on a list mindlessly?
Are we taking he path of least resistance?
Do we not want to make the extra effort to do the useful work?  Is it some how more work or is it just not popular work?