I have used Articulate software since it was an install on a beefy desktop I had for it and Captivate software. I have also viewed content from our state department of education created over the years made in Articulate to serve the many districts in my state without a learning management system (LMS). I have some thoughts on Articulate.

Sample Work

Course Design Principles Articulate 360 course.

Limitations of Articulate 360

The appeal of a program like Articulate 360 is the universality of the product. A universally accessible product can live within or outside an LMS (Articulate 360, n.d.). Instructional designers can create in Articulate and use the content in multiple settings theoretically.

Using SCORM or the accompanying Review 360 is often complex for a novice or infrequent user and decidedly not intuitive. This difficulty limits the appeal of Articulate as a true universal content creator to full-time and practiced instructional designers. I submit this is why the program is used more frequently for higher education and private education than K-12 education as any instructional designers would tend to be part-time.

Limitations of Hardware using Articulate 360

Articulate 360 can only run on a Windows machine. In a world of interoperability, I find it unconventional that software is not made for multiple operating systems. This software is not device agnostic and that is a limitation.

Overcoming Issues

Elearning Heroes has an open support board for issues with Articulate products. I posted the below inquiry (2020) last year and still have no idea how to gather statistics on the content I wanted to share via Rise 360. The support person who contacted me shared all the same information posted on the website but was not able to interact with my challenges and eventually I stopped responding.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 11.49.48 PM.png

I find the infinite scroll an obstacle for embedding in an LMS page. The feature in Articulate becomes a liability within an LMS where students encounter scroll fatigue. To design for an LMS is possible within Articulate 360, but could be better accomplished creating native content within the LMS.


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