The annual Amazon Prime Day is being delayed this year due to COVID-19. Their Chinese-based supply chain, the lean inventory of Amazon, and domestic supply chain concerns are all contributing. Some estimates are August or even September, but that could be good news for teachers.

Parents, as much as teachers, are hoping for a “normal” back-to-school season. And they should be very open to a healthy Teacher Wish List this Fall. Consider the ways you can make it easy for them to donate to your class while fulfilling the new CDC requirements that students do not share supplies:

Prepare your wish list as if parents have just spent 9 weeks teaching their own children:

  • Prepare an online-only version of what student are required to have available at home
  • Prepare a backpack version on supplies students are expected to bring and take from school each in-person day
  • Prepare an in-class version, like you used to, but include a storage container/solution and spray/wipes.

Consider using QR codes for paper copies and hyperlinked items to the exact thing you want.

As unprecedented as this past year was, don’t be shy about asking for Amazon Gift Cards for incidentals which may present themselves after school starts.

You can prepare by making sure your Amazon Prime Account is renewed. If you don’t have Prime already you may qualify for membership as low as $5.99/month. Of course, there is always the 30-day free trial too. Make sure you have all three scenarios ready for parents as the school administration may not know until closer to August what school will look like. Don’t be surprised if school start dates are pushed back as states try to furlough teachers at the end of summer when there is the least organized resistance. Just one more reason to have that supply list ready.

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