I had been threatening since December to actually finish an online course, but I actually just published today. Rapid, eh?


I like to believe the time between when I started and today was spent processing, but maybe not every thought was totally focused, on what the content needs to be to transcend its platform.

I have spent too much time fixating on platforms, it is part of my job. When I considered conveying the same content thought two different teaching platforms (Udemy and Atly) it brought my focus back to where it needed to be all along…content. And once I pushed that content in multiple venues, it finally clicked for me. I could see how it looked different, yet the same in two different ways.

Yes. There was learning curve. Yes. That took time away from creating the content, therefor facilitating the learning.
However, the evolutionary pace of dissemination today is different than when we learned to print, then years later write in cursive, then years later type, and the next day graduate from high school.

Maybe I just grew up into a little better of a teacher because of this process. I now accept the cost of having to learn new distribution systems as a part of the price of teaching.