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I have struggled with this prompt several times this month and decide the real story of this blog has to be my struggle to articulate my answer to this September’s prompt:

One thing that is different from a year ago for which I am grateful … 

I have two conflicting internal dialogs. I like predictability and dislike change. I have not done the same thing at work for almost 10 years now. Honestly, it is a wonder I can still function some days.

To be grateful for something different is going to be a challenge for me. To articulate that, SMH, may be pretty.


I am glad to still help teachers, in increasingly new ways.
I hope to offer digital credentialing with my work group to teachers this year.
I hope to offer a repeat of last year’s local #EdCampNEGA.
I hope to help get quality local teacher-made content to them.

I think I simply long for some repeats.


I know at least I will be blogging with you at #blogamonth this year!