It is the second month of the You Should Be Reading project – time for an update. I created an Infographic for month two of the project:

the Facebook page has drastically increased in followers. The page was recently monetized for Stars, but the page may better support bonuses based on interaction. My new goal is to increase followership to 3,000 and evaluate Facebook’s monetization incentive to move forward.

The follower demographics skew female and to the US. I can consider tailoring the content to this audience. Interestingly, I have expanded from English-centric countries to Egypt, Mali, and the United Arab Emirates. I am not ready to tailor content to an international audience yet. I may consider adding the demographic of age to my infographic. The trend line is similar for males and females, so that may be something to explore customizing.

Image File Type

At the end of May/start of June, I note that when I upload an image I created on the phone and save it to my camera roll, it saves as a JPG file. When creating images on a desktop it is still downloading as a file named “DALL•E, creation date, description of the prompt.” That is somewhat counter-intuitive for me as I noted the images created on my phone labeled “Made with AI” end of May/start of June. The same post has no such label in a browser, however.

Labeled Made with AI
No Label
Photo Labeled Made with AI on the Mobile App Browser post not labeled

I am also able to upload images into Canva that I create and save from my mobile. Previously, images that I converted from “DALL•E…” labeled .webP were not accepted to Canva. I am still working on my best workflow for creating images and uploading; it is somewhat difficult as the platform is still evolving.

ChatGPT Updates

ChatGPT4 has been updated to ChatGPT4o. Some improvements on input and output options span the way humans communicate – very exciting. However, the most exciting news is that, while limited in number, ChatGPT3.5 users will experience some of these upgrades! I am not an expert and would capture these poorly if I was your only source; instead check out YouTube where you can be amazed!


Have you noticed anything in your use of AI to share?