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September Link-up: Fave Start of Year Activities

Principals/Building Leaders 5 Things to do Right Now #leadershipday14

My Leadership post from last year never made it out of my drafts, but this is the year for me to post! I am posting after an #edchat today, August 26, so I am outing myself that I am posting… Continue Reading →

Top Ten: Professional Learning Posts … so far

I am slowly attempting to wrap my mind around what I really think Professional Learning is, and what I can/should be. Here are my Top Ten posts so far….My Professional Learning Posts

EduBlogs Teacher Challenge: Steps 1 & 2

Welcome to the EduBlogs Teacher Blogging Challenge EduBlogs offers different blogging challenges: personal blogging and student blogging. In the Teacher Challenge (personal) series I will follow these 8 steps: Step 1: Setting up your blog Step 2: Setting Up Pages… Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday

Revision Needed: Educational “Experts”

Many people in Africa never had land line phones, and they never will. By the time large-scale telephone services were in demand the technology had already advanced enough enabling African countries to leapfrog over the old technology of copper wires to wireless… Continue Reading →

You Need A Start-of-Year Game Plan

What is your start of year game plan? Three steps every teacher must take this year! Professional Development Playbook: what do you want to do for your career this season? Proactively organize your own professional development this year. As a… Continue Reading →

Wordless Wednesday | Fuel up for School

Color Me Happy – Technology Thursday

This post is linking up with Teaching Trio. You can find similar posts searching under the category Linking Up. Have great colors in your digital creations If you have wondered about making your own images for your digital classroom creations your first task… Continue Reading →

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