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Slow Chat Book Study

I just finished an interesting, new (to me) professional learning format. And I can’t wait to try my next book study in this slow chat format! ISTE’s Ed Tech Coaches Network hosted a Spring book study April 4 – May… Continue Reading →

Two Front Education

There is more than one constituency we educate. There are many facets, but primarily two fronts in education we must address. Do not make the mistake of thinking the only people we educate are our students. We spend our time… Continue Reading →

When your worst year in education ends…

I want all teachers to have long enough careers to see the fruits of their labor. I feel so sad when someone moves out of education before s/he gets to experience a student coming back to visit them with the proof that… Continue Reading →

If I didn’t record it, does it still count?

As I stepped onto the college campus for a walk, I realized I left my fitness band on the charger. Do you know this feeling? Why am I doing this if it doesn’t even count? We didn’t used to think such things…. Continue Reading →

Used to Matter in #EdTech

Devices Used to Matter Mac vs PC I remember starting my teaching career using whatever Mac was in Brevard County School classrooms in 1998. I had to do everything at school on that machine, because I certainly could not do… Continue Reading →

#EdTech Bill of Rights

Not yet resolved or ratified, have your first glimpse of the #EdTech Bill of Rights You have the right to The Internet. Well, sort of … if by The Internet you mean a censored version, subject to rolling firewalls, then… Continue Reading →

#EdTech Red Flags

If you are not immersed in educational technology (#edtech) daily you are excused from the memorization of these red flag terms used while vendors try to sell either educational hardware of software. That is however where I live, in #edtech land. And I… Continue Reading →

Dealing with a Competence Gap

Students are the easy part of teaching. Students are easy to like. Students do not know it all, and really are able to act like curious learners easily. Adults however, can be a challenge. Adults are often scared to not know… Continue Reading →

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