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Link-up: End of Year Countdown #AprilBlogaDay #BlogAMonth

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It is easy to countdown to the school year’s end, but it is a challenge to stay focused on school and teach/learn through the end. Through out the next few months it is my top priority to get as many… Continue Reading →

EMAIL Hacks: Teacher Efficiency

Chances are you are still thinking about an email from work. Email sure is pervasive, isn’t it? At the risk of bringing up the topic, let us talk about how to manage email instead of it managing us. Unless you were already… Continue Reading →

Infographics: Checking In #AprilBlogaDay

I really like a well constructed infographic. I would probably willingly learn about anything from a cool infographic. There is a real approach you need to take when creating an infographic. Infographic Journal has collected over 5,000 of some of… Continue Reading →

Educational Blogging: Read, Comment, Write #AprilBlogaDay

So maybe you are not ready to start educational blogging just yet. That is okay. I have some steps which will gradually move you closer to that goal. Read The first step is to start reading the great wealth of… Continue Reading →

Your Current Mentor #AprilBlogaDay meets #BFC530

One of my new favorite Twitter chats is #BFC530. It has a positive slant and happens at 5:30 each weekday by give one question 15 minutes of attention. This morning the question from @BFC530 had me bubbling over with praise for some… Continue Reading →

Grandma’s Google Doc #AprilBlogaDay

My grandma was born in 1924. And this month we will wrap up distributing her worldly treasures throughout the family via a Google Doc.   My grandma lived through an amazing range of experiences. She shared with me a story of the first time she… Continue Reading →

Who is your Professional Learning Community? #AprilBlogaDay

Your Professional Learning Community (PLC) is the one which supports you in your continual learning. Aside from asking you who your PLC is, I would also ask if it is formal or informal? My supposition is that the less formal… Continue Reading →

How has Social Media Impacted You? #AprilBlogaDay

Post 16/30 for #AprilBlogaDay When I think about social media, I am really talking about Twitter and everything else is secondary to me. What Twitter has done for my career is the opposite of the dismal news you hear about… Continue Reading →

Literacies to Develop #AgeofLiteracy #AprilBlogaDay

I am proud to be at day 15/30 for #AprilBlogaDay! The prompt (which I am using for 4/15) honors International Literacy Day by asking some great questions, mostly captured In this article by the International Literacy Association. I am publishing this… Continue Reading →

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