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Why you haven’t Resigned from Teaching

How many does this make? I may be intentionally not keeping track, but here is the latest viral resignation post by a teacher. When I read these I understand more facets of the argument than I am proud of. I… Continue Reading →

When you meet your future and you don’t recognize it

Today is the day Marty from Back to the Future traveled to… You Won’t Believe All The Stuff Back To The Future Got RightBasically, everything ‘Back To The Future II’ predicted came true Posted by NowThis Entertainment on Monday, October… Continue Reading →

What Challenges Culture, Not Supports Culture?

It is usually the second question they ask me. Where are you from? If I am feeling saucy I say give the name of the small town in Georgia where I currently reside, but that isn’t what they wanted. They… Continue Reading →

Real or Not Real, Digital Citizenship?

Kids these days. They really need a lesson in how to behave! Simply look at all the drama, personal details, and regrettable content they post on social media. If Facebook were around when you were in High School or College, what… Continue Reading →

Views Expressed are NOT Just My Own

I understand why some of my peers add the statement to their Twitter accounts, “views expressed are my own.” If your Twitter acct states: “views expressed are my own” I want to challenge you in a friendly… Click To Tweet… Continue Reading →

I don’t want to be an Innovator

Don’t get me wrong my iPhone is great. Thanks Steve. However, the innovator-worship is out of control. Mother Teresa was an innovator too, but you never saw her in her New Balance and jeans on a stage collecting your admiration. I… Continue Reading →

Teachers who know what poverty is about…

People do not know it by looking at you, but there is a question that anyone could ask that would unleash that answer. That answer which tries to encompass all the gratitude, and pride, and determination which pulled you out… Continue Reading →

the Wrong Question

That feeling of utter confusion could be a sign you have asked the wrong question. People generally give the proper, if not expected, answer to a question. So if you have that uh-oh feeling as you receive answers please consider… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Professional Learning Posts

Last year at this time I made a list of my Top Ten Professional Learning posts, so far. I think it is time to update for the current year as we all start back to school. Let me know if… Continue Reading →


Your PLN is your Professional Learning Network, your PLN is also your Personal Learning Network. The two terms are often used interchangeably. After a professional conversation recently I am now considering never doing that again. The discussion centered around the future of professional… Continue Reading →

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