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Distribution of Learning

Three months. That’s a long time to distribute building a professional learning experience. However, I am proud of it for several reasons. I am also sad that this is unique, that I do not get to replicate this distribution of learning with other… Continue Reading →

Moving from a Conceptual to Experimental Practice

Innovation. It is what some people have for breakfast. Or so we’re told. It is another facet of the tale of the difference between predestination and creating your destination. Adam Grant in his book Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, offers… Continue Reading →

What is Next in Blogging #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 5

It is the last week in the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge. I am excited to have completed the challenge and picked up some new EdTech blogs in my RSS reader. All this just in time for #CE16 to boot! So what is next… Continue Reading →

Determined to Consume

It was a typical classroom event. The students had gathered to culminate a Reader’s Workshop and invited parents. My son attends a traditional school for the most part. It is not a technologically savvy school. So I did notice when… Continue Reading →

Influential Blogs #ETCoaches Blog Challenge Week 4

It is Week 4 in the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge – the challenge is almost complete! Part of the #ETCoaches Blog Challenge. See my other weekly posts: What is my Purpose? Challenges and Successes Current Tools, Problems, and Solutions Influential Blogs… Continue Reading →

If it “isn’t about the Tech,” Why go to an #EdTech Conference?

I am an educator. I am an educator who sees great value in appropriate use of technology throughout teaching and learning. And I have a secret, sometimes it is just about the tech. I support classroom teachers to Principals find… Continue Reading →

Work Around a Clumsy Student Information System, SIS

What is an SIS? Student Information Systems, known as SIS to many in the educational technology circles, have been around for a long time. As a function of that longevity your local SIS: Is a Huge investment. Probably predates interoperability…. Continue Reading →

The Internet is Not Your Enemy

Neither Al Gore nor the US Military invented The Internet to make a teacher’s job harder. Nor is The Internet part of a conspiracy to dumb our students down. Sometimes we as educators opt to eliminate technology instead of modeling selection processes for… Continue Reading →

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