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In-District EdCamp Opportunity

When I stopped in to the Professional Learning department of my district office to turn in my reports about my attempt at an ISTE prepatory class (inset link later) I had some questions. I am interested in holding a regional… Continue Reading →

But what did you get the teacher?

Sure, we are all successful educators. I get it, you’re just as brilliant as me. However, at some point after Thanksgiving and before Christmas Break you run a terrifying equation through your head. And during that calculation all your degrees and apple-tinged accolades are for nothing unless you… Continue Reading →

Sending Christmas Cards – the 1 graphic, the 5 tools

Every year when I send out Christmas cards I want to know where they travel. I have an idea I send the most to the states in which I have lived, but without a visual representation I don’t feel like I… Continue Reading →

A Right to Technology?

A post I recently discovered via Triberr, Do Students have the Right to Use Technology in Class started me thinking about this topic. Does the teacher or the student make the ultimate decision of how the learning occurs? I have seen… Continue Reading →

Holiday Time is Pinterest Time: EdTech to Follow

Off school? On Pinterest! Or is that just me? Pinterest is a great social media platform for mixing our school and private lives. Here are some pinners and Pinterest boards to follow. Who else do I need to add to this… Continue Reading →

The EduBlog Awards #eddies14

The nominations for #eddies14 are open through November 24th. The most nominated make it to the next round, so maybe I provide you with a nominee to consider for YOUR nomination? While you can make your official nominations HERE, I prefer to… Continue Reading →

Getting Started with MinecraftEDU #MOOC

Week One Summary This is an assignment for the course Getting Started with MinecraftEDU found at the Canvas Network.  How could/should video games be incorporated into the a regular school environment? To know a young person now-a-days is to know a gamer…. Continue Reading →

Mixed Message Monday

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