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Extend the Learning from that FieldTrip

While it is true that ‘Nature abhors a vacuum,’ that is such a mild a description compared to what a teacher experiences when a learning opportunity is present, but there are no structured activity or exploration associated with such an opportunity. So the upcoming natural… Continue Reading →

Is Your LMS a Black Hole?

Working with LMS in K12 Most of my work in this phase of my K12 career centers on learning management systems (LMS). I am fortunate to be in a district which is able and willing to purchase an LMS for teachers and… Continue Reading →

12 Educational Blog Challenges

I have shared how I got myself back into the habit of blogging, by participating in blog challenges! If you are finding yourself overwhelmed start removing layers of things standing between you and a completed blog post. By participating in some… Continue Reading →

Showin’ Some Love #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought February Blog Challenge this week’s prompt is:  How can we demonstrate love while maintaining boundaries? I think the early years of our career are so interesting. We have the most enthusiasm and the least baggage. We will try things, do… Continue Reading →

Lesson Learned: Students have Different Challenges #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is:  Share a time when you learned a very important lesson from one of your students. The Florida Today newspaper archive only goes bask to 2002, so we will both have… Continue Reading →

Reporting Progress Ideally #ReflectiveTeacher

As part of the TeachThought January Blog Challenge today’s prompt is: How would you choose to report progress out to children and parents?  I was not going to post on this topic, I felt too far removed from this since I… Continue Reading →

Optimism: the secret ingredient #ReflectiveTeacher

I prided myself on my ability to work with the tough ones. The kids that other teachers could or would not handle I would be willing to take. I also asked to have only one of those special ones per class, but… Continue Reading →

Your next chance at Professional Learning, Personalized at #EdCampSav

Read my guest post for EdCamp Savannah.

30 Day Blog Challenge Review

It has been 30 days since I joined the group 30 Day Blog Challenge. I scheduled this post in my editorial calendar to remind me to check in on how I did with the challenge. Truth is I am still… Continue Reading →

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