Not that I am trying to deduct my TV bill on my taxes, but I had an educational epiphany while watching National Football League (NFL) playoff games this weekend.  In the NFL teams change end zones after each quarter of play.  “Duh” you say?  Yes, “Duh,” but think about what we watch the NFL for – we want to see these giants of athleticism crush each other physically for every inch of ground earned on this field of play.  And then when time expires in the pursuit of one end zone they all simply change course 180*.  The yards they just fought for or defended against they turn and give back up to the opponent because the goal changed. 

Education could take something away from this.

How often do educators stubbornly hold onto an old goal and not change when the original goal is no longer there?  How often do we fight against our own team?  Or the Rules of the Game which we do not have the influence to alter?

You could do this if you had a better coach you say?  Great, be you own coach, be on the look out for the times that the goal changes.  Start to anticipate the changing of the goal, accepting the changing of the goal.  Start to model an effective use of you time, talents, and energy and work with the changing of the goal instead of against it.

What do you think, do I have a traumatic brain injury from teaching too long?