The democratic idea of one teacher creating something and selling it to a teacher for a nominal fee is attractive. That is the premise of TPT. Who wouldn’t like that? It turns out that this ruffles various feathers in a variety of ways:

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Traditional Publishers

Textbooks which sometimes arrive out of date are certainly part of an outdated way of thinking about content. These publishers did not interact with teachers directly and were never accountable to educators. Traditional publishers never had much competition. Textbooks were slow to adapt, quick to outlive their accuracy, and not responsive to individual classroom needs.

School Districts

Teachers have always worked more than school hours to create content for class. Up until the TeachersPayTeachers, there was no large-scale platform to value and exchange these creations. In the post, Is Content I Create for Class Mine?, I share the three ways you can determine if something created by a teacher is a work product and belongs to the school or if it is an independent product which is the property of that teacher.

School districts have been the benefactor of these teacher work products historically, so they stand to lose content if there is another marketplace for this material.

Content Creators

The creators of TeacherPayTeachers content are ironically aware of how purchased content is often replicate outside of publisher intentions. Teachers consistently reimagine the use of various worksheets, workbooks, and online resources regardless of the stated terms of use. {If you are a teacher you know; if your aren’t a teacher ask one.} So when teachers create content and sell it on TPT they may craft terms of service which call out the act of sharing as an additional purchase or not allowed at all.

TPT Conspiracy?

However, the TeachersPayTeachers platform also empowers educators to promote their creations. It allows the educational free market to rate and reinforce the demand for items according to effectiveness and attractiveness. The free market of TPT elevates the quality of content, while rewarding teachers who create it. Instead of a secondary industry such as publishing or educational management creating content outside of a cycle of feedback, these products are encouraged or discouraged by actual classroom use. The only conspiracy seems to have ended – it was a long time until teachers were able to build their own brand and enter a free market system for the creations they have been creating for a long time.

Teachers provide direct feedback to creators of content which has not been possible in the past.

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