I have just transitioned to a new laptop and was mindful of the steps I took when customizing my new computer. I thought it was interesting to see what I “had” to do “first.”
Here is the order so far:

  1. Open IE to download Mozilla Firefox
  2. Use Mozilla to download Safari browser
  3. Use Mozilla to download Chrome
  4. Hide IE from my desktop, I’ll use it for testing, but not until then, even then I’ll have to check if our district image has given me IE8 or IE9
  5. Download iTunes
  6. Move my iPhone and iPad to this computer, noted I will need to investigate iCloud soon too
  7. Download FileZilla Client
  8. Set top four bookmarks for work, so when I return from maternity leave I have the addresses in my preferred browser (can you guess?) Firefox
  9. Download Jing
  10. Installed NASA Spacescapes desktop images to my desktop

Ahhh, it’s like a homecoming now.

What would your Top Ten moves be on a new computer?


11. Create email signature!