Consider the selfie sticks hoisted, capturing images of you at the “Rocky Steps,” with Moby in the Exhibition Hall, in Love Park, with your Twitter friends you are finally meeting In Real Life. What purpose are these selfies achieving? Do they document your attendance to something of which you are proud?  Can they capture your enthusiasm and help you maintain your current state of excitement going into next school year? Would a selfie benefit you one week, one month from now?

Rocky statue at the museum of art. #iste2015 #photowalk #rocky #Philadelphia

Flickr, Jennifer Roberts, June 28, 2015

With Moby at #ISTE2015 #@isteconnects @brainpop #brainpop

Flickr, Erica Ellis, June 29, 2015

All you need is... #ISTE2015photowalk #ISTE2015

Flickr, Kelly Kermode, June 29, 2015

Got to meet @web20classroom and @tomwhitby yesterday! #ISTE2015

Flickr, Ira Smith, June 29,2015

YES. Now let’s take a selfie together.

We want to take this feeling of pride in our profession, our united efforts to improve education and document it somehow. To commit to accomplishing something with the momentum from #ISTE 2015 the time is now to take that snapshot of yourself and compare it to what you want it to be.

At the end of this conference take the time to identify 1-2 things on which to concentrate. I know you could do more, but better to *do* 1-2 things than have a list of 8 which overwhelm you.

Talk to a colleague here, or maybe your supervisor back home, and declare out loud that you want to do these things. Ask for support (not permission) and talk out a reasonable timeline or support required.

Do not abandon your connections made at #ISTE2015. While you might be bashful about reaching out to someone you only chatted with for a few minutes, remember who educators are – we are helpers. If you need the support of someone you met at the conference – ASK! If you did not make connections this time consider joining an ISTE Special Interest Group. Sign into ISTE, after all you are now a member for the year, Connect>Professional Learning Networks and select one or more groups to join based on your current interests. And never forget Twitter.

So, take the time to take an #ISTE2015 selfie before you leave. It is a sign of professionalism and your growth mindset!