As if teachers do not live in the “Real World,” but please go on about how I am not preparing my students for your “Real World.” While you do so, I am over here:


Allowing a kid to sleep in my class, be late to my class, eat in my class because the students works before/after school. He must work hard too, because he is tired. What am I waking him up for?

Talking to the Counselor about how to get a student new shoes because this student is wearing some two sizes too small. If he isn’t comfortable, he isn’t learning anyway. And when we ask his size, he tells us to buy them big so they can last all year.

Cleaning a student’s clothes, because they haven’t been washed in weeks.

Connecting students with part-time work opportunities.

Truncating/provide alternate/eliminating assignments because my student at school is the parent at home.

Opening the Snack Drawer and walking away.

Completing paperwork on behalf of parents unable/unwilling to do so.

Attending sporting events/band concerts and maybe coordinating rides/meals afterward for kids who might not otherwise attend.


I already know too many “Real Worlds” that aren’t so hot, so pardon me while I help my students in their own current world before I convey them into your “Real World.”