When you look around and see some classrooms not integrating technology, remember it isn’t tech that is the barrier.


Many classrooms, schools, and districts are not yet 1:1 and still need to purchase large numbers of devices to get there. However, devices are likely present in close proximity to that classroom. Even when devices are sometimes not well distributed throughout a building, the tech is not integrated intentionally or well.

I heard a vendor recently, no doubt attempting to hit all the #edtech BINGO words, mention how his piece of equipment could help you if you wanted to flip your classroom or blend instruction.

But technology is no longer the barrier.


How does a teacher plan to use tech in his/her lessons to extend, enrich, remediate the students experience? Is that teacher encouraged to integrate technology into lessons? Is that teacher supported in doing so? Who assists teachers in extending learning with technology?

There are countless resources to enhance any lesson, classroom.

But technology is no longer the barrier.


Effort may be the barrier. Maybe not just your effort, maybe the effort of your school, your Tech Department, your district … but maybe you too.

But technology is no longer the barrier.