Teacher Communication Upgrade

Communication in an in-person classroom and a blended learning classroom is the same according to Gurley (2018). Given the opportunity, teachers default to face-to-face communication to assure understanding. Consider when/Imagine if you had students both in-person and out on quarantine versus only virtual students. You need a teacher communication upgrade.

“Teachers in virtual education often have to prove themselves in a way that a traditional classroom teacher never would. This needs to be done through a high degree of presence by the teacher, so that students, their parents, and all other stakeholders are able to clearly see what and how the teacher is working with and for the students” (Keaton & Gilbert, 2020, p 133).

Virtual classrooms must use online forms of communication. As experienced in-person teachers and novice virtual teachers, we should acknowledge the importance of how we communicate with all stakeholders. Stakeholders include Students, Family members of those students, and our Colleagues.

Teacher Communication Upgrade Infographic

Upgrade your teaher communication infographic



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