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Real Teachers… #AprilBlogaDay

I feel sorry for those not inside education when they hear the stories similar the  systematic cheating in Atlanta. They do not understand that these are not the real teachers. The public or pre-service teachers might be frightened; they could worry there is… Continue Reading →

Link-up: End of Year Countdown #AprilBlogaDay #BlogAMonth

It is easy to countdown to the school year’s end, but it is a challenge to stay focused on school and teach/learn through the end. Through out the next few months it is my top priority to get as many… Continue Reading →

Leaders and Their Journey #AprilBlogaDay

In education the path to leadership differs. You often prove yourself as a teacher and then are hired to lead teachers. Except when that doesn’t happen. And goodness forbid education changes. To become a principal requires a prerequisite of degree(s) and… Continue Reading →

Help Chain #AprilBlogaDay

I heard an interesting and totally unrelated story on The Diane Rehm Show which started me thinking of interactions which need to happen for end users to receive assistance. If measuring a chain of events from start to finish can… Continue Reading →

The Professional Learning Treadmill – and how to step off! #AprilBlogaDay

You know the feeling, you’ve sat through this professional learning before. Huh, no, the title is different. I think we had M&Ms for a snack the last time I was trained on this-same-thing, but the feeling is the same. We have… Continue Reading →

How do you know when you’ve reached a Tipping Point? #AprilBlogaDay

Yesterday I sat in on an eBook demonstration. The eBook had it’s own light Learning Management System, an eBook. The salesperson was surprised when I asked if the content was available in pieces, outside the management system.  I guess because he… Continue Reading →

Google : Education #AprilBlogaDay

Wednesday we were invited to sit in on a meeting our director of technology had with Google (when will I ever say that again?). And the facility was as “cool” as you would expect. A teacher is bound to be… Continue Reading →

Edu Swap This for That! #AprilBlogADay

I enjoyed this great quote by @blunteducator Tuesday which helped me tie up some of my recently loose ends. I often chuckle at the wit this twitter account delivers, but this thought hit me deep and I spent the day letting it… Continue Reading →

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