There are two things teachers can prepare for going into the 2020-2021 school year. And the pandemic isn’t really one of them! Sort of. There are only two things that should be on your reading list this summer.

Seriously, there are two things teachers should be preparing for: Extending our classes online and increasing our cultural sensitivity.

First, we can all prepare to extend our online presence extensively and in a more informed manner. Instructional design books for a K-12 teacher should help you understand how your content fits online and how you and your students would interact around the content. Your district will provide specifications, but you still need to adapt your content and the way you teach children online.

Second, we can increase our sensitivity to the turmoil of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Even if you do not have high populations of minority students in your school you will field questions from your students. And the summer is a good time for personal reflection around how your classroom may be viewed by outsiders. Is your classroom inclusive? Does your classroom promote equity? How can students productively challenge your authority in your classroom?


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