I watched that last election. I know how everything is suddenly different.

Please dont ruin twitter

Like when cars made horses obsolete. Like when radio and then television made printed books obsolete.

But please don’t give up on, don’t ruin Twitter. Educators have been on Twitter longer and better than politicians. Early in 2014 Twitter execs said educators dominated the Twittersphere.Tweet Poster board in Senate

So now is the time to compose ourselves and carry on with worthwhile educational pursuits on Twitter. Do not tempt yourself with looking up the Trump Tweets are News Instead of Newsinciting, unkind tweets which now are posters on the floor of the U.S. Senate and are reported on by the evening news. That is not our Twitter.

Our Twitter feeds our teacher soul and needs to be protected and cherished. Twitter is a place to turn for fellowship in the hardships and the joys of teaching and learning. Do not pollute my Twitter feed with your political views, I am here to improve my teaching and learning practice. Respect the platform enough to not engage in the current political discourse overtly on Twitter. Many political figures boast that they do not email, possibly that means there will not be a bandwagon effect of more politicians on Twitter, but… until we can be sure – best to be safe and NOT engage with them and their agenda for tweeting.

I value my Professional Learning Network, PLN, so much. I cannot go back to being an educator without Twitter! I will keep my nose out of the political the best I can on Twitter – I hope my PLN can do that same.

Please dont ruin twitter