Well, now you’re sure I am female – I’ve just outed myself by admitting I frequent (read: ‘am-addicted-to’) Pinterest.

I have wanted to do more with the pinboard I dedicate to “Strictly School” for some time.  I have some male peers who think Pinterest is too girly.  But really I think men would appreciate the ease of the visual bookmark as well as women.

While my site is a WordPress site and there are roughly ten million plugins for adding a visual of the pinboard I haven’t had any luck with implementing them – I welcome any feedback as I am fairly certain I am not a stout WordPress user yet.  I read a couple of articles though which have me excited about a broader use for my Pinterest “pins” – and that is something every woman on Pinterest is looking for.

How To Create RSS Feeds From Pinterest Users/Boards https://shar.es/z7FSx  by @imgrind – let me know what you think about the hack on the righ side of my blog.  Guess I have to rename things I save to the board in a more concise manner, huh?

Exporting Pictures on your Pinterest Board to Dropbox https://ow.ly/odU8k by Quora
I set it up to mark a bookmark in Delicious for now.  I am considering going back into IFTTT.com and giving those pins to Delicious a hashtag and tweet them out.  I think I would also like to try exporting to Flickr for my science pictures.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.11.38 PM