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These are two most recent Digital Learning Communities I have joined:

  • EdConnectr, through

edConnectrEdConnectr offers ways to meet educators like yourself.  I was attracted to join this because I think highly of the content Sheryl Nassbaum-Beach, founder of EdConnectr, puts out through her blog and Tweets.

So far I have made 12 connections and joined two groups through this site.

This tool seems to have peaked for The Connected Educator month so far.  I anticipate one more cycle of Connected Educator’s month would indicate if this site will last.  The parent site,, remains a good resource regardless of the success of edConnectr.


edweb_net webinar is free for educators to create a personal learning networks or professional learning communities.  This site not only offers a variety of ways to search for educators based on a variety of criteria, but also allows you to set up notification of free group webinars on topics of your interest.

In my experience there are always more webinars offered than I can attend, but the archive feature for webinars is very useful.  I have also made one in-person connection which was quite productive.  Overall, I look for this site to continue to grow as the groups are vibrant and continually producing webinars – according to my Inbox!