Well, it’s sort of a workbook for you in that it is for every teacher.

I made you a workbook...

At the request of a friend, I have created a workbook to walk educators through the basics of Blended Learning. The workbook is 11 full pages of content:

1 – Why Blended Learning?

3 – What is Blended Learning?
1 – exercise on What is Blended Learning

1 – Checklist to Prepare for Blended Learning

1 – Elements of Blended Learning
1 – exercise on Elements of Blended Learning

1 – Show my Blended Learning
1 – exercise for Plan for Blended Learning

1 – Ready for Blended Learning

It is listed on TeachersPayTeachers and is also available in the Hot Lunch Tray store for a deeply discounted price for my readers.

See if you can spot the elements of my Style Guide based on my last post.