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MOOC Series #eTeacherTOOL

Learning Objects can be a variety of things. Text is the number one used Learning Object. Text must be short and to the point to be effective. All learning environments will contain text, but may can offer other facets of a virtual learning experience. These other components maybe interactives, widgets, video, audio. All are beneficial if they can be reused and/or shared. All can be beneficial if they are easily editable and easily sharable.

Below find three free learning environments in which to share Learning Objects and two paid tools to share Learning Objects as well.

Free Tools:

1. Courselab is available in a free, older, version which is downloadable. It is a WYSIWYG editor which outputs HTML for a web browser (with some unknown restrictions) and can be viewed without Java or any other special player. Sign up is required. The free version is not mobile compliant and connect import PowerPoint files.

2. Coursesites by Blackboard appears to be a similar product to Edmodo, but additionally has some of the basic functionalities of a full-on LMS, Blackboard. It looks to accept some imported course structures.

3. Canvas by Instructure offers a free and paid version of their product. This is one which you could take a course through as an adult to get the feel of the content flow – Canvas Network. This offers modern apps and a growing community. I plan to take BlendKit2014-Becoming a Blended Learning Designer through them after I finish my current MOOC:

Paid Tools:

4. SoftChalk offers a teacher a user interface very similar to Microsoft Word – the below video illustrates how easy the transition is from MS Word to SoftChalk for content. The rest of the learning is limited to “Activities” which can be mastered at a sufficient level within two hours.

My district uses the cloud version, latest, software. My district has also purchased a private cloud to contain our work products and make searching easier for our teachers.

5. Storyline by Articulate

The real pay off for this product is the ability to present complex interactions, branching activities, etc. in a simplistic manner to the end user.