5 Things I am taking to #ISTE18

#ISTE18 HeaderSo if you are just getting around for ISTE you might need some help packing your suitcase. That’s not me, I’m no good at that. But I can help with a minimum of five things I know I am taking:

  1. Comfortable Shoes
    5 Things ISTE18 Pin

    You should plan to take comfortable shoes too! All your step-counting devices may melt-down when considering just the Expo Hall alone. You will walk not just to the keynotes and sessions, but through the playgrounds, meet-ups & social events, and poster sessions.

  2. Business Cards
    I am sure to include my Twitter username on my business cards so I can connect with anyone of interest regardless of their battery level. If you do not have business cards consider ordering business cards for your next conference.
  3. Apps: ISTE18 Conference app & Yelp (you know why)
  4. Extra Chargers & Cords because the single easiest way to strike up a conversation at this conference is to ask a neighbor in the audience for a charge you want extras in your bag.
  5. A Smile! Make eye contact and speak to others at the conference, most of the attendees are just like you. While it is fun to spot a “Twitter Celebrity,” don’t miss out on the awesome educator sitting next to you. Smile and introduce yourself, that acquaintance might be the best part of that session you are trying to get into!

#NotatISTE this year? I’m sorry, maybe we will met up next year, but for now keep up with the Twitter hashtag #NotatISTE18 and follow along at homethis year.