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It doesn’t

often snow


But when it does – watch out anything can happen!

Like what you say?

Well, a work-from-home professional learning day for my county for instance.
I love the feeling of knowing you are a trusted professional, maybe that can become less of a novelty in the future.  As teachers how could we encourage that?  By seriously making today count is my suggestion.

Please consider some of these as possible choices for your ‘freestyle’ portion of your from home Professional Learning day:

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Learn more about Twitter today: (free account) offers a group called Tech Tools for the Classroom.  You can watch “Twitter in the Classroom” a recorded webinar and even take a quiz to get a certificate if you want to share that with your principal.

Learn more about the Flipped Classroom today: Another offering from is “Flipped Learning Primer Part I: Basics of Flipped Learning” as part of The Flipped Learning Community this webinar is presented by the inventor of the ‘Flip’ Jonathan Bergmann and ‘flipped PL’ expert Kristin Daniels, Flipped Learning Network board members.  After viewing, take the CE quiz to earn a certificate for this session.

Learn more about blended learning today: also has a group called Blended Learning, Extending Classes Online which offers recorded webinar called “Intelligent Adaptive Learning: A Powerful Element for 21st Century Learning & Differentiation” which you can watch and take a quiz to earn a certificate of participation.

If you join other groups on you may discover others.  Please share any great ones you come across!

Perhaps you might be interested in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) offered by Georgia Virtual Learning:

If you would like to spend your time vetting resources consider LiveBinders, Delicious, or Diigo as places to start.

Live binder is a visual way to bookmark items you find on the internet and categorize them – maybe share – in the spirit of a digitized version of a three ring binder.  You will always have access to this if you have access to the Internet. Please search for a topic and consider creating your own today.

Delicious and Diigo are also digitized bookmarks – no more missing a favorite because it is on you other computer – but contain a social element, follow others if you want.  Search “tags” (categories) for ideas for your classroom/teaching and save them for yourself, add new items from anywhere.  The real win here is you will never be without access to your favorite web pages again!

Whenever this latest winter storm lets us gather together again I hope we have some amazed principals at what all teachers accomplished with a little professional learning freedom!