My son is 6YO and has been playing Minecraft for about one year. He first started out on my phone with Pocket Edition Lite, quickly persuaded me to buy the app. He persuaded his Dad to buy him an XBox version, but it is safe to say most of his Minecraft play is on my iPad.

And today I couldn’t update, because? Um, yeah, he has too much Minecraft saved.  So this AM I asked him to delete some worlds on the way to school…


Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.23.19 PM









As I scrolled through the different worlds I was tickled by some of the names, here are some of my favorites:

Active Volcanoe, My grls, google, x games, awesome world, My name is Seth, lego culb, Mi hermano, lane and seth, done, fangbone!, My mom!, ipod, catch my breath, hound snake!, set blocs, Mer i say, Me? no!, meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, sethzs, Seths Zacsbeeees