I love a good blog challenge, and I have a feeling #blogamonth is primed for a come back – so I want to share this challenge with my readers! Check out #blogamonth and respond to the July prompt, before July slips away from you.

The prompt for this month is:
What are you doing this summer to grow, refuel, and prepare for 2016-17?

I really did need to rest after last year entering this coming school year. Nothing against last school year – it was just a year where a lot happened in life in general.

  • Cut back on blogging
    • Keep tucking away raw ideas in the Editorial Calendar
    • Don’t worry about Publishing
    • Only published to family photo blog
  • Read a good mix of books
    • I had a nice mix of light (read: short) education books, some political, a classic, some Outlander
    • If you are a reader let’s be friends on GoodReads
  • Traveled
    • #EdCampATL and volunteered
    • Mexico with husband
    • NC, OH, IN, AL with the family
    • To ISTE in Denver with my work group


I am ready. I am more patient. I can give without being exhausted. I am ready!