I participated in, and even administered my own #8weeksofsummer, blog challenges. But the variable which seems to challenge me and many other participants is the time constraint. I do not wish to have the success of my challenge be measured by the time when I can much better control the creation of my content.

Right now I am starting a blog renew, so this is a perfect time for me. But, I understand if it is not the perfect time for you – that’s the beauty of this 30 Days of Blogging Challenge – you can start when you want. You can take as long as you want. You can respond to this post with your blog link and let us know to look for your #30posts

Join Me

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I am participating in HotLunchTray’s 30 Days of Blogging Challenge. (link to this post) This is 1 of #30posts.

Join me as I blog for 30 posts, however long that takes! Watch my blog for new content and consider joining me.


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