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How Not to Suck at #ISTE18

Harsh, right? Well, I’ve met your inner voice; I believe our inner voices are related in fact. Because sometimes teachers can be so critical of – themselves. And know that being a teacher is, in itself, what makes you awesome… Continue Reading →

Week 1 of 8 🍍#8weeksofsummer Blog Prompt: Potential Personal Growth

Welcome to the #8weeksofsummer blog challenge! All educators are welcome to participate and reflect on their practice during this built-in break for refreshment and reflection. Nothing is quite like summer break for an educator and not for the reason you… Continue Reading →

🍍8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge🍍 #8weeksofsummer

Educators do have a nice amount of breaks throughout the year, but none as wonderful as summer break – maybe not for the reason you think. Nothing is quite like summer break for an educator and not for the reason… Continue Reading →

Summer Reads for the Teacher

The phrase – Professional Development – may or may not make you roll your eyes hard. However, professional learners such as teachers are always learning, no matter is it is the school year or summer. These personal drivers that make… Continue Reading →

End of School Check List

Teacher End of School Check List: ✔ Give away some of your classroom library books to good homes. ✔ Have students help you move furniture, pretend like students never move furniture for you. ✔ Help students break the cycle of cleaning out a… Continue Reading →

Blended Learning Roundup

Blended Learning is as new as the personal devices students carry. Just as with those devices educators, find themselves learning about teaching methods, like Blended Learning, alongside students and families. Check out this Blended Learning Round-up to find some resources on… Continue Reading →

Ace that Teacher Interview

Your first interview for a teaching job or your hundredth? It doesn’t matter so much. Everyone is somewhat nervous for these situations, even the interviewers to an extent. The stakes are high all around; how do we get the right… Continue Reading →

50 Ways to Start Using Your LMS

I understand that not everyone loves educational technology the way I do. {clutches pearls} {remembers I do not wear pearls} {makes a Post-it note to buy pearls} {immediately loses Post-it note} But at some point you may be part of… Continue Reading →

Jobs at EdCamp

This post is third in the series The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Local Edcamp. Check out all posts in the series: Who to Involve in Edcamp, Edcamp SWAG & Door Prizes Round-up, and Jobs at an Edcamp. Jobs at… Continue Reading →

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