HotLunchTray iconReady to Collaborate?

If you like what you see here, maybe we should work together? Like Bus Duty, but better.


I always want to collaborate with other education/edtech bloggers. I’d love to work with you in a couple of ways:

Guest Posts – where you post your original content to HotLunchTray and HLT links back to your blog. Submit your ideas!

Guest Appearances – where I share on your blog and you link back to HotLunchTray. Submit your request!

Related Information: HLT Publication Guidelines


I also am open to supporting fellow education/ edtech bloggers via:

  • Interviews
  • Challenges
  • Reviews
  • Roundups

For those, just pitch me your idea so we can talk through it so we are both comfortable.


HLT Publication Guidelines

Guest Posts should be Original Content. Original Content has not been published online before; can be republished to your blog 45 days after publication to HLT.

Guest Posts should include author information. Please include a headshot, social media accounts, and a brief (3 sentence) biography.

Guest Posts should be about education, ideally educational technology.